Renovations, additions, and new builds are always exciting, but sometimes a huge mess.

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Construction Clean Up

If your business has had a recent renovation, addition, or move to a new site, we offer construction clean up that prepares your new space for your team to inhabit. Construction clean up includes dusting, trash and debris removal, and any other cleaning that needs to be done to prepare the space for your team to inhabit.

You’re excited about your renovation or new build, but what about the mess?

We’re sure the construction crew was excellent. But they don’t always do a great job of cleaning up the mess they made in the process. Before you move your team into a new space or allow customers to experience an exciting new storefront, you need to get the building in perfect shape.

Construction clean up is a specialty service. Who can you trust?

Construction tends to leave behind a lot of dust, and that’s one of the reasons high dusting is a key part of construction clean up. High dusting means dusting off exposed beams, light fixtures, and the tops of partitions. This obviously requires special equipment and skill. And you want the space to look its best before its big debut. So what now?

Environment Control provides meticulous construction clean up.

We take pride in your new space like it is our own, and want to make sure you’re able to put your best foot forward after a renovation, addition, or new build. This is an exciting time for your business and we are here to help take care of every last detail so you don’t have to.


Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of industries throughout the state and know how to tailor the services offered to meet the needs of each one. Environment Control provides construction clean up services to law firms, office buildings, medical facilities, bars and restaurants, cannabis stores, retail and shopping centers, and more. Don’t see your industry listed here? Just give us a call! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do construction clean up services cost?

Our construction clean up services are custom to the needs of each client. We create a custom package after meeting with new clients, checking out their facility, and determining how we can best meet their expectations.

2. What does construction clean up include?

Construction clean up can include anything you need it to include—it totally depends on the construction job and the mess left behind. If the construction crew didn’t leave much of a mess, we can just come in and vacuum low and high dust, and make sure everything is ready to go. If the scope of the mess is larger, we can take care of that too!

3. Can you provide construction clean up services after hours?

We absolutely can provide cleaning services after hours. We can also clean during the day too. It’s entirely dependent on what your company needs.

4. What does Environment Control do to ensure the safety of its customer’s facilities?

To start, all of our employees are W-2 employees and background-checked. Additionally, we have a Director of Quality Assurance on our team that makes sure each job is completed satisfactorily and deals directly with any client concerns, including security.

5. Do you have to sign a long-term contract to get commercial cleaning services?

One of the things that sets Environment Control apart from our competitors is that all of our contracts are month-to-month. We don’t lock any of our customers into a long-term contract. We also have a 60-day guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied after 60 days, we’ll return all invoices paid.

Get Construction Clean Up For Your Business

If your business could benefit from high-quality construction clean up after a new build, renovation, or addition, we’d love to talk with you! Start operating your business at a whole new level of clean.