Long before COVID, we’ve practiced the highest standards of sanitation. Throughout the pandemic and continuing forward, we continue with superior sanitation services.

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Sanitation/COVID Cleaning

We’ve always had a high standard of disinfecting practices that kills bacteria and viruses using products with a kill time of one minute. COVID sanitation can be included in janitorial services, or as a stand-alone service, especially for businesses that need disinfecting spraying between shifts.

Your business needs to look, feel, smell, and actually BE clean.

Now, more than ever, consumers are hyper-aware of the cleanliness of the businesses they enter. And workspaces need to be on top of creating clean spaces for their employees to work—free from as many germs as possible. With the increasing importance of sanitation, you want to make sure your business is a safe place for all.

The shock of COVID could have you scrambling.

Of course, during the height of the COVID pandemic, we all became more aware of the importance of sanitized spaces. But as a business, you’re expected to keep your facility clean, and that’s not always easy to do. With companies offering sanitation services and spraying in high demand, you might be scrambling to find a reliable service provider for pandemic cleaning.

Reliable sanitation services are here.

Let Environment Control work with your team to figure out how we can meet your sanitation needs. Whether it’s a daily spray down between shifts or a focus on sanitation during your regular janitorial services, we want to help your staff and customers stay healthy and safe.


Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of industries throughout the state and know how to tailor the services offered to meet the needs of each one. Environment Control provides sanitation and COVID cleaning to law firms, office buildings, medical facilities, bars and restaurants, cannabis stores, retail and shopping centers, and more. Don’t see your industry listed here? Just give us a call! We’re able to help nearly any business with our commercial cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do sanitation services cost?

Our sanitation services are custom to the needs of each client. We create a custom package after meeting with new clients, checking out their facility, and determining how we can best meet their expectations.

2. What does sanitation/COVID cleaning include?

Our team uses Clorox Pure Tabs—a bleach-based product—to spray down and sanitize a space. The spray has a kill time of one minute, and you can be back in the room using it again 20 minutes later. The spray doesn’t require any wipe down afterward, so it’s ideal for a quick clean in between shifts or after-hours spraying that doesn’t need any follow-up.

3. Can you provide COVID cleaning services after hours?

Yes, we absolutely can provide sanitation services after hours. This is a common practice since often customers want equipment and spaces to be sprayed while there aren’t other people in the area. While the kill time of our cleaning solution is about a minute, we recommend giving a room about 20 minutes before re-entering.

4. What does Environment Control do to ensure the safety of its customer’s facilities?

To start, all of our employees are W-2 employees and background-checked. Additionally, we have a Director of Quality Assurance on our team that makes sure each job is completed satisfactorily and deals directly with any client concerns, including security.

5. Do you have to sign a long-term contract to get pandemic cleaning services?

One of the things that sets Environment Control apart from our competitors is that all of our contracts are month-to-month. We don’t lock any of our customers into a long-term contract. We also have a 60-day guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied after 60 days, we’ll return all invoices paid. Additionally, we’re happy to come in for a one-time pandemic cleaning service if needed.

Start Receiving Sanitation/COVID Cleaning Today

If your business could benefit from high-quality, customized sanitation services, we’d love to talk with you! Start operating your business at a whole new level of clean.