Your customers notice when your hard floors have seen better days. Leave hard floor care to us at Environment Control!

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Hard Floor Care

Hard floors need some TLC from time to time, and that’s why we offer grout cleaning, tile floor scrubbing, LVT stripping and waxing, concrete sealing, saltillo tile cleaning, and specialty floor cleaning.

Have Your Business’s Hard Floors Seen Better Days?

Hard floors might be easier to keep clean than carpet, but they do experience wear and tear from foot traffic and the passage of time. Plus, certain types of flooring just require regular maintenance to keep looking their best. But, not every commercial cleaning company is equipped to do specialty floor care like grout cleaning, stripping and waxing, and more.

Hard Floor Care Should Be the Last Thing On Your Mind

Your customers and your staff notice when floors appear dirty and worn. Yet, as a business owner, you don’t want to spend the time researching and vetting cleaning companies to find someone that will actually do the job right.

Environment Control Offers Expert Hard Floor Care

Not every cleaning company that offers janitorial services also has expert hard floor care, but Environment Control does. From specialty floors, to saltillo tiles, to more common LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floors, our team knows exactly what to do to make the flooring at your business look its best.

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Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of industries throughout the state and know how to tailor the services offered to meet the needs of each one. Environment Control provides hard floor care to law firms, office buildings, medical facilities, bars and restaurants, cannabis stores, retail and shopping centers, and more. Don’t see your industry listed here? Just give us a call! While specialized to the type of floor, hard floor care is easily modified to fit the needs of any industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does hard floor care cost?

Hard floor care is customized to the needs of each client. Factors in a bid would include the dimensions of the floor, the type of flooring, and the specific services required. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to see how much your particular job would cost.

2. Do you do concrete sealing?

Yes, Environment Control does offer concrete sealing. We do concrete sealing for warehouses, commercial spaces, churches, hospitals, or any other space with an interior concrete floor.

3. Do you offer grout cleaning?

Yes, we do offer grout cleaning for New Mexico businesses. Tile floors are extremely common here in New Mexico, and we know that grout doesn’t always get clean with a regular mopping regimen. Grout cleaning is a service a business should consider having done once or twice a year—possibly more depending on the volume of traffic and the color of the grout (is it appearing dirty more quickly due to the color?) Our team will efficiently get your grout looking as good as new!

4. What does Environment Control do to ensure the safety of its customer’s facilities?

To start, all of our employees are W-2 employees and background-checked. Additionally, we have a Director of Quality Assurance on our team that makes sure each job is completed satisfactorily and deals directly with any client concerns, including security.

5. Do you have to sign a long-term contract to get commercial cleaning services?

One of the things that sets Environment Control apart from our competitors is that all of our contracts are month-to-month. We don’t lock any of our customers into a long-term contract. We also have a 60-day guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied after 60 days, we’ll return all invoices paid.

Let’s Chat About Your Hard Floor Needs

If the hard floors at your business could use a little attention, we’d love to help you get them looking as good as new.